Re-Elect Friend for Clerk of the District Court

John Friend Kicks Off Re-Election Effort to the Office of Douglas County Clerk of the District Court

Twelve years ago, John ran on the promise that he would enhance the capabilities of the office by use of new technology.  Those promises have been kept!

Since taking office he has launched a website that is much more customer friendly. Many of the questions people have as court customers can be answered on the web site:

John has also initiated E-Juror which allows potential jurors to qualify online versus sending the summons back via US Mail. This is and will continue to be a savings in both mail costs as well as staff time.

“As time goes on our customers will expect to be able to interact with the court system online; our goal is to continue to offer services online as opportunities present themselves.”

John has used technology that allows people easier access to the court.

  • E-Filing is now available for attorneys
  • E-Payment for fines, fees, costs and judgments
  • E-Service – Coordinating with the Douglas County Sheriff on an application that allows deputies to send service electronically back to the court
  • E-Notice – litigants on both side receive an e-mail when something new happens on a case which includes a copy of the document
  • On-Line Case look-up w/ all documents:
  • E-Juror – summoned jurors can respond to the summons on-line which saves big money on mailing summons back in.

He also collaborated with Omaha Police to implement an evidence/exhibits chain of custody tracking system that will be available across the county for all law enforcement agencies.

John has consolidated divisions within the office and has cross trained all employees so that the staff has the flexibility to work where they are needed most. This has streamlined the workflow process and has eliminated unneeded backups in processing court documents.

John Friend has managed the office well. The budget requests have been flat for the last 10 years with only a .04% increase in that time frame. Through attrition John has been able to reduce employee staff by 25% since he took office, all the while enhancing efficiency and being more responsive to court customers and staff.

Prior to his election as clerk, Friend, a retired Omaha Police Captain said, “I have found my calling in public service”.  “I have always tried to exceed the expectations of our customers and will continue to do so. It has truly been my honor to serve as your clerk of the district court.”

Friend, 57, has served on the board of the Police Federal Credit Union of Omaha for 16 years and was recently re-elected chairman.

Friend also serves on several state and local justice system information technology groups:

  • State Supreme Court Technology Committee
    • Sexual Assault Protection Order Subcommittee
    • Mandatory E-Filing Subcommittee
    • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Douglas-Omaha Technology Committee (DOTComm) Oversight Board (Vice Chair)
    • Douglas County Information Technology Advisory Group
  • Criminal Justice Systems Management Council
    • Criminal Justice Information System Committee
    • Criminal Justice Information Technology Committee